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YU News

Arista Takes the Lead on Chesed


This past Monday, October 29, 2015, MTA held its first blood drive of the year. The event was run by Shalom Stieglitz ('16) and Aryeh Ness ('16) of the Arista Honors Society, who dedicated much time to organizing and advertising the drive. The blood drive, which was held in the Morgenstern Dormitory basement, extended from as early as 11:30 in the morning until as late as 6:00 at night. Throughout the day, MTA students and faculty alike journeyed to "the Morg" in order to give the gift of life. Those who elected to donate blood were run through a series of steps in order to maximize safety for both the donor and potential receiver. After donating, the donors were supplied with a plethora of drinks and snacks to recuperate.

The drive was a great success and close to 50 people donated that day, a new all time record for an MTA blood drive. We would like to thank Shalom and Aryeh for their hard work.