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Parent-Student Learning


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On Sunday, October 18th, MTA students and their family members came together for an epic day of Torah study at the annula Parent-Son Learning program. After davening, the event's participants were treated to a fabulous breakfast that highlighted the uniqueness of the day. Next, an inspiring speech was delivered by Rav Moshe Tzvi Weinberg, a Rebbe and the Mashgiach at Yeshiva University's BMP program, who spoke about how special it was for family members to be involved in the environment that MTA students are engrossed in on a daily basis, and how studying specifically in a yeshiva is a most important endeavor. He noted that this event will hopefully be one of many opportunities for students and their family members to learn together in a true yeshiva setting, and that the chance to learn with one's family member should not be taken for granted. Finally, all participants headed to their regular shiurim where the visitors were privileged to get a taste of what an MTA shiur entails. Everyone who participated in the event finished the day with much inspiration and we look forward to similar opportunities in the future.