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Juniors and Seniors "Meet the Israeli Author" Holds Opening Event

by Jack Alkhabaz ('17)

On Wednesday, MTA's 11th grade Meet the Israeli Author elective kicked off its first formal class. Meet the Israeli Author is a Hebrew elective course for motivated Hebrew language students and budding Hebrew writers. Throughout the year, we will be participating in monthly "virtual workshops" with award winning Israeli author Ms. Chana Bat Shahar, which will be conducted entirely in Hebrew. Between the workshops, we meet with Morah Haibi, our Hebrew teacher, to prepare for the monthly sessions and work on our own Hebrew short stories.

At our our first session with Ms. Bat Shahar, last year's students joined us to receive volume 5 of the Hebrew Language Journal published at the end of last year which included their original short stories.

After a speech from Mrs. Rosenberg, Director of Hebrew Language, and our Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Taubes, the alumni were given the published Journal which is now in the publications room and archives at the National Library of Israel.

Ms. Bat Shahar said a few encouraging words to the alumni, and began to speak with us about our workshop. We began to learn her methods and received pointers on how to craft the beginning of our fictional story. We also had a chance to ask Ms. Bat Shahar about her life and writing.

As we begin our short stories, we will meet with Morah Haibi and Ms. Bat Shahar and they will mentor us through our Skype sessions.