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Freshmen Take on the Woods!


On Thursday, October 22nd, 3 busses filled with excited Freshmen headed to Norvin Green State Forest for the Freshman Hike on what would be an unforgetable day. Upon their arrival, students piled off the busses, anticipating an amazing hike. And that it was, thanks to beautuful weather and great leadership from several Rebbeim and faculty members. Led by Mr. Sragow, the studens trecked through the woods- across rivers, through trees, up mountains- and bonded as a group. Students were amazed by the beautiful views, including the New York City skyline, and huddled up for many pictures together. The achdus was palpable as one could constantly see students helping each other through difficult parts of the hike.

Following the hike, everyone was exhausted and wanted to relax. They hopped on the busses and headed over to Greenview Park where they played some sports, hung out, davened mincha, and then enjoyed a very tasty BBQ. They were happy to end the day and such a high note.

Everyone felt fulfilled that they were able to complete the hike. Even more so, they were happy to make new friends that they will be with during their time in MTA. They cannot wait until the next time they hike together.

Thanks to everyone who planned and coordinated this terrific experience.