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YU News

MTA Outdoors Club Goes Kayaking!

By Yosef Schatz ('16)

rafting trip 09-18-15

On September 11th, the MTA Outdoors Club went kayaking on the Pompton and Passaic Rivers. The trip was arranged by faculty advisor Mr. Sragow, who also serves as Director of College Guidance and an instructor of history. Eleven MTA students, Mr. Sragow, and faculty member Mr. Goldberg attended the trip. There were seven kayaks, so each kayak held two people with the exception of one kayak which was a single. The whole trip was about four hours and it also consisted of playing Frisbee, skipping rocks, bonding with friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. The students set off on their kayaks in Lincoln Park, N.J. At the midpoint of the trip, the boys stopped off at a beautiful grassy area to eat lunch. After kayaking some more, they ended this amazing trip in Little Falls, N.J. It was great to see how there were students representing every grade and how everyone was able to get along and enjoy the experience together. The MTA Outdoors Club hopes to take many more trips this year, exploring different parts of nature and bonding with friends along the way. All the boys would like to thank Mr. Sragow for setting up the trip and all the parents who volunteered to help transfer the kayaks back and forth. This was an incredible trip and a fantastic way to start off the year for the MTA Outdoors Club!