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Rabbi Shulman Delivers Alumni Shiur At YU

On Tuesday night, Rabbi Avraham Shulman, Senior Rebbe and Grade Mashgiach, gave a beautiful and inspiring shiur to MTA alumni who are currently studying in YU's undergraduate colleges. There was a very nice and warm sense of achdus and chevra in the room.

After the shiur, a large number of the alumni stayed for a while to eat doughnuts and just "shmooze."  It was a nice start to what we hope will develop into a more robust and long-term program for MTA alumni studying here in YU.

We are very appreciative of Rabbi Shulman and Shuey Jacoby for coming out in the rain for the benefit our talmidim. Thanks as well to rabbi schenker for his efforts to make this happen. We hope to have another shiur/get together in the beginning of February.