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Hatzioni Club holds first meeting of the year

by Yosef Schatz ('16)
On Wednesday, the Israel Club at MTA, Hatzioni, kicked off the year with an opening meeting during lunch. The meeting started off with the faculty advisor, Rabbi Eli Cohn, introducing the club and explaining what the club is all about. He then introduced our new staff including President David Aaronson ('14), Co-Presidents Shaya Kestenbaum ('14) and Netanel Niazoff (14), and Vice Presidents Asher Finkelstein ('15) and Yisroel Friedenberg ('15).

After he introduced the staff, David read a note sent from Netanel Niazoff ('14) who is currently in Israel (where his family lives) until Sukkos. In the note, Netanel talked about how people could keep up with Israeli current events through many sources. He suggested that instead of focusing Hatzioni's publication mainly on current events, the focus could also be on personal stories and events that connect to Israel.

Rabbi Cohn discussed what might be included in Hatzioni's Open House edition to be given out to prospective students and parents. Many people offered interesting ideas about what subjects could be written for the articles.
Speaking about his experiences as the past President of Hatzioni, Shlomo Anapolle ('13), now the club's college advisor, related to the members that Hatztioni had one of its most successful years ever last year and that he hopes that this coming year will be even better.

David closed the meeting with a look towards some upcoming events which include fabulous guest speakers and another MTA lobbying trip to Washington to discuss Israel's needs with government representatives. He concluded by expressing the hope on behalf of everybody that the Hatzioni club will have another exciting and successful year.