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YU News

YU News

Welcome Class of 2017

On Thursday, June 20th, the incoming freshmen class, came together for the annual pre-summer freshmen orientation. After a welcome from Shuey, Rabbi Taubes, and Arista Co-President Philip Meyer ('14), the incoming Lions were treated to a special shiur from Rabbi Eli Cohn.

After the intro, students were led outside to a special team-building program led by Rabbi Tani Prero, of Camp Yaalozu fame, and our own Mr. Yosef Gillers. An afternoon BBQ lunch was followed by sports - basketball in The Max and/or wiffleball, frisbee, and "Wah" in Tenzer Gardens. Finally the day wrapped up with information about the summer reading assignment, mincha, and giveaways.

We look forward to seeing the boys back in the Fall!