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YU News

MTA Comes Out On Top at the "Captains Debate"

by Meir Barg ('16)

Last Tuesday night, MTA held a "Captains Debate," in which the best debaters from Central, Flatbush, and MTA competed. The debate kicked off with a delicious Carlos and Gabby's dinner and then it was time to debate. The style of the debate was impromptu, meaning that upon entering each round, debate partners would be given a topic that they had not prepared to debate. They then had to debate in favor or against the resolution. Being the top debaters from their schools, the debaters argued excellently and presented their points to their true potential.

The second round followed the same format as the first, except the names of debaters from all the schools were randomly matched up with each other. This presented an even greater challenge to the debaters because most of them were debating with students from other schools, whom they had never met before. However, since these were the finest debaters, they easily overcame the challenge. After both rounds of the competition were completed, it was time for the award ceremony.

Congratulations to Simcha Brodsky ('15) and Asher Finkelstein ('15) for winning the second placed debater awards, and to President Dovid Schwartz ('13) for winning the first placed debater award! Congratulations to Dovid Schwartz ('13), Yehuda Brick ('13), Yitzi Lindenbaum ('14), Asher Finkelstein ('15), Simcha Brodsky ('15), and Jake Spector ('15) for debating to perfection and making MTA proud!

Thank you to all of the amazing timekeepers and of course to our esteemed debate coach Mrs. Levitt whose vast knowledge and expertise continues to empower the team.