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Students in "Meet the Israeli Author" Complete Their Short Stories

by Dovid Ort ('14)

This past Monday, the 6 students of the "Meet the Israeli Author" class had our final meeting with our professional mentor, acclaimed Israeli author Chana Bat-Shachar.

After a year of writing, crafting, editing and tweaking our stories with our instructor Morah Haibi and through our virtual workshop via Skype with Chana, we have finally completed our stories. In our last session we discussed a few final changes and we then had the opportunity to converse with Chana and ask her any questions that we had. We briefly discussed her brand new book עץ הדודא and then we each shared our reflections about our  experience in this unique course.

Overall, it has been an excellent year; the course has enhanced both our written and spoken Hebrew, we discovered our creative talents in writing, developed a very unique relationship with Chana Bat-Shachar and we all have the completed short stories we wrote. Thank you to Morah Haibi, Mrs. Rosenberg and Chana Bat-Shachar for the time, assistance and input in the entire process.We are excited that our "Meet the Israeli Author" journal is archived in the National Library of Israel and that the publication has now become part of their "Periodicals Department" in Jerusalem, Israel.