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YU News

Students Participate in Kukin Lecture Series

As part of the new MTA LEAD program, which MTA in partnership with the Sy Syms School of Business offers to students interested in business and entrepreneurship, high school students are invited to select lectures of the Doris & Dr. Ira Kukin Entrepreneurial and Executive Lecture Series.

Earlier today, students had the opportunity to hear from Saul Orbach, an experienced entrepreneur who recently served as Founder and COO of Aguru Images, Inc., a company that offers tools to allow for realistic 3D digital imaging in products such as movies and video games. More recently he has been heavily involved in social entrepreneurship projects.

Mr. Orbach took the students through his own background and shared insights and learnings from his own career, which has included stops on Wall Street, in Israeli tech startups, and with venture capital funds as well. He explained how entrepreneurs must spend time identifying and reseraching a need, understanding both how people are currently working around the problem and how the entrepreneur's solution adds value.

Mr. Orbach concluded with a couple of short divrei torah, explaining that the hebrew letters of simcha can be repositioned into machshava; joy comes from the mind.

Special thanks to Dr. Steven Nissenfeld and the Syms leadership for helping launch this program.