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YU News

MTA Hosts Blood Drive

by Dov Fink ('13)

This past Monday was a busy day here at MTA. In addition to becoming the tier two champions at the Sarachek tournament, MTA hosted a blood drive.

Those eligible and willing to donate walked to the basement of YU's Morgenstern Residence Hall where they were greeted by employees of the New York Blood Center and filled out a quick form. Next, the donors had a quick set of vitals taken to ensure they were in able physical conditions to donate. For the majority of the students who remained eligible, the donation process began. Students were led to a row of blue stretchers where a nurse would assist in the donation process.

In total, close to three gallons of blood were donated!. We would like to thank all those who donated, and a special thanks Dani Kurtz ('13) for organizing the entire blood drive.