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Despite Missing Key Players, MTA Chess Pulls Ahead

by Moshe Rosensweig ('14)

On Wednesday, several students from MTA filed onto the bus headed for JEC for the second chess match of the year. However, due to the sophomore trip and other events at MTA, some of MTA's finest chess players were unable to attend the match. Captain Yoni Schwartz quickly scrambled to collect enough students.

At the tournament MTA met and played against members of the JEC, TABC, and Shaarei Torah chess teams. Some games were fast paced ending in under five minutes while others took longer; in fact, one game went until there were just two and a half minutes remaining on the clock. In the end, MTA came out with a total score of 9/14 points (8 wins, 2 ties, and 4 losses), making it very possible for MTA to clinch the playoff seat.