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Judah Schwartz ('15) Recounts Week #5 at Yeshivat Makor Chaim

Last Thursday, we were given off to begin our free Shabbat; we all ended up spending the weekend with family we have living in Israel.  When we returned on Sunday, we enjoyed regular classes and dinner together.

On Tuesday, we went on a trip to Bat Ayin, a small water tunnel, and then to a spring. Later that day, we went to Yedidya’s, our Av Bayit, house to discuss what new initiative we want to bring back to MTA. Heavily discussed was the idea of bringing back Likrat Shabbat; we are planning to do so.

On Thursday there was a lot of happiness spreading through the yeshiva. To start, in the morning there was a breakfast where all the makorchniks bought food for the class. After breakfast, a group of us went to the spring again, but the other guys stayed in the yeshiva and painted a classroom with the makorchniks. During the painting, we got a special surprise when Rabbi Taubes and Mrs. Rosenberg stopped by. We enjoyed a long discussion with Rabbi Taubes, detailing for him many of our experiences thus far. Later that evening we celebrated the birthdays of Yoni, Judah and Chanoch.  And even later than that, we celebrated the birthday of Rav Dov. This Shabbat, we’re excited for our shabbaton in Bayit Ve’gan at YU’s Gruss Kollel.[gallery]