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YU News

Arista Honors Society Offers "Study Night"

On Wednesday night, on the eve of the study day in advance of Finals, the Arista honors society hosted a study night for the school. Dozens of students and many teachers stayed late to work in groups, reviewing the material that had been so eagerly studied over the semester, in anticipation of final exams. Several devoted upperclassman stayed as well, working individually with students and helping their younger peers review their material.

The event lasted two and a half hours and was broken up into three sessions so students could prepare for a number of classes adequately; the participating students were also treated to a pizza dinner. Many students took advantage and gained a lot from the program, and had a productive and enjoyable night. Thanks to all of the teachers and students who came to learn and teach and make the program successful, and a special thanks to Mrs. Levitt for putting this beneficial event together.


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