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YU News

MTA Hosts Novice Debate

by CJ Glicksman ('16)

This past Wednesday night, MTA hosted a novice debate, which was originally scheduled for last week, but was postponed due to the snowstorm. Novice debaters came from Ma'ayanot and Ezra Academy to debate against MTA, and experienced debaters came from each school to judge the competition. Each school had three affirmative teams and three negative teams debating, and all three schools did extremely well.  After dinner, the debaters went to their respective rooms, where they had two intense rounds of debating. Afterwards, a Dvar Torah was given by a Ma'ayanot student, and then the awards were given out.

Congratulations to Yitchok Fishbach ('15) and Meir Barg ('16) on receiving awards for two of the best debaters. Thank you to Jake Spector ('15), David Orlow ('15), Mordi Rosenberg ('15), Menachem Gans ('15), Yehudah Karrol ('15), CJ Glicksman ('16), Yishai Eisenberg ('16), Yair Gross ('16), Tsahi Halyo ('16) and Chezkie Lauer ('16) for participating. Everyone did extremely well, and a great time was had by all.


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