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Makor Chaim Exchange Students Enjoy Week #2

by Aryeh Burg ('15)


This past Sunday, which was Asarah b'Teves, the boys went  on a moving trip to the Central Jerusalem Prison. This is the place where many people who fought for the independence of Israel were imprisoned by the British. Monday was a normal day of intense learning and spiritual enlightenment at the yeshiva. On Tuesday, however, the boys had their emotions put to the test during their visit to the famous holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. Later that night, the students shared their emotions over a delicious meal at their host family house. Wednesday was a regular day until the evening when the students rushed to pack for their weekend excursion. On Thursday, the boys woke up bright and early to do some last minute packing for their four day trip to Tel Aviv/Yaffo, Meron, and Tzefat. When they arrived in Tel Aviv, they went to the 49th floor of the Azrieli Observatory, which overlooks  the entire Tel Aviv. The group also took a tour of the old Jewish section, and concluded with a trip to the coastline that was a block away from the Yeshiva in which they stayed the night.


For Shabbos, the group will be in Tzefat, meeting with Rav Elazar Mordecha Kenig in Tzefat.  Rav Kenig oversees Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma Institutions, including Kiryat Breslov (a religious housing complex), a Kollel, the Magen Avos Yeshiva, the historic Trisk Synagogue in the Old City, and the new five story Torah Center.