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YU News

Debate Team Kicks Off Season

by Daniel Saxon ('13)

On Monday night, an excellent kickoff to the debating season was held at MTA. The resolution was powerful and very pertinent to us as students: Should "G-d" be removed from the pledge of allegiance? The debaters fiercely argued this point, with both sides bringing up excellent ideas both pro and con. Novice debaters served as the timekeepers, which taught them the art of timing in a debate, how to cross-examing opponents, how to organize key points for their side, and how to lead a judge to their way of thinking. Interestingly, the outcome in the second round of the debate was that the negative sides prevailed. Ultimately, all the teams - which included MTA, Flatbush, Ezra, HAFTR, and HANC, were very strong and knowledgeable on the topic, and we extend our congratulations to all the debaters for their excellent performances. The evening concluded in time to catch the pinnacle of debating, the presidential debate.

The novice debaters will have the opportunity themselves to debate this coming Monday night at Ezra Academy, where the topic involves Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to control the size of soda containers.