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Library Book Talk | Rabbi Allen Schwartz on Conflict & Resolution in the Early Prophets

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Raymond J. Greenwald Chair in Jewish Studies, will discuss his new book at 7:30PM via Zoom.

In Conflict & Resolution in the Early Prophets, Rabbi Schwartz compiles, categorizes, and explains many violations of Biblical law. In each case, he explains the parameters of the law, and shows how Hazal and later commentators addressed those violations.  In many cases, he presents multiple responses, side by side. Most interestingly for contemporary readers, Rabbi Schwartz reveals the interplay between traditional and modern Bible interpretation, while providing a unique window into the minds of sages of the Talmud and Middle Ages.

Rabbi Shalom Carmy, Assistant Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Bible and former editor of Tradition, will discuss the book with Rabbi Schwartz.

Reserve a space to receive a Zoom link.