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Color and Design: Album Cover Color Studies

Mike Finn. Kendrick Lamar, The Heart, Part 4.

On exhibit on the second floor of Pollack Library are color studies created by the beginning Color and Design class.  Each student chose one classical or jazz piece and a second a song of any musical style to create an album cover designed for both pieces of music.

The materials used for the project are papers painted with acrylic paint that contain secondary and tertiary colors from primary colors. Neutral colors and textures were pulled from magazine pages. The design principals of repetition, continuation and proximity were combined in the compositions, and students were restricted to non-literal forms.

Jeremy Orlian. Papa was a rolling stone.

Paying special attention to the function of color in relationships and design basics, students isolated color palettes to create their own interpretations of musical expression.

Carla Aurich
Instructor in Art
Yeshiva College