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Painting 1: Copy of a Master

Jeremy Orlian, Yeshiva College '19: Edward Hopper's Early Sunday Morning (1930), oil on canvas

Painting 1: Copy of a Master on view in Pollack Library, 2nd floor of Gottesman Library building. 

These paintings are copies of various modern artists completed by students in the beginning painting class in Yeshiva College. Students choose an artist to copy and research. By gridding out an image of the painting and transferring it to canvas, the composition remains true to scale. Some students choose to crop the image to fit their canvases or take a section of the painting to reproduce, creating their own composition.

Joshua Leichter, Yeshiva College: Paul Cézanne's Fruit on Plate (c. 1887), oil on canvas

Students initiate a dialog with the artist, looking at their particular use of color, space, composition and brushwork. Along with the formal aspects of the painting, we also discuss the historical context of the work. Through the "copy of a master" exercise, students gain a greater understanding of color, painting technique and composition to employ in their own paintings.  Master painters emulated include Richard Diebenkorn, Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Edward Hopper, and Pierre Bonnard.  The following student painters contributed their work to the exhibition:  Aaron Braun, Noam Yisroel Beltran, Brian Berko, Noah Bohbot, Meir Friedman, Maxwell Herszage, Joshua Leichter, Jeremy Orlian, Ezra Rifkin, Betzalel Rosenwasser, Roni Sugarman, Yisroel Schatz, and Dov Tuchman.

Carla Aurich
Instructor in Art
Yeshiva College