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Two Gottesman Library Specialists Recognized for Their Expertise

Leah Adler and Shulamith Berger of the Gottesman Library have been recognized for their expertise in Hebraica and Judaica with new titles. Leah Adler is now Head Librarian for Hebraica and Judaica, and Shulamith Berger is Curator of Special Collections and Hebraica/Judaica.

Having served as indexer for Judaica Librarianship, the peer-reviewed journal of the Association of Jewish Libraries, Leah Adler enhances scholarship at the university with her native fluency in German language. She has presented at conferences of the Association of Jewish Libraries on a broad range of topics related to Hebraica and Judaica librarianship, including Moving to a Unicode Based Library System: The Yeshiva University Library Experience and Yeshiva University Implements the VTLS VIRTUA Integrated Library System.

Shulamith Berger is co-curator of the exhibits Einstein and Yeshiva University and Echoes of Auras: Memorbuch of a Jewish Community, both of which may be viewed on the Yeshiva University Libraries' website. She also contributes to the library blog on material in special collections, such as “Dining for the Divine: The Tradition of the Chanuka Dinner in Building Yeshiva.”