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YU News

Rambish- Database of the Month:

Rambish - Reshimat Ma'amarim shel Bene ha-Yeshivot (Index to Articles in Yeshiva Publications) is a growing Hebrew language database that indexes Torah articles from journals published by individual yeshivot and articles whose main readership is the yeshivah community. It is this particular focus which differentiates Rambish from its punned eponym, the more academically oriented Rambi.

In addition to traditional Search and Browse features, Rambish also provides a fairly detailed abstract of each article and a link to any article that is available in full-text online.

To illustrate: if the user entersשבת  as a search, 468 results are yielded. The results encompass a wide range of topics: saying va-yekhulu on Friday night, returning from the hospital after an emergency, and the concept of "rest" on Shabbat are only a few examples. The journals indexed also vary from the well-known Techumin journal to the smaller Be-Lekhtekha ba-Derekh published by Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh.

Rambish is a collaborative effort, and while right now most of the journals indexed originate from Israeli yeshivot, the owners of the database encourage yeshivot throughout the world to add their publications. As the database grows, it will fill a significant void and make the intellectual fruits of yeshivot throughout the world more accessible.

Posted by Moshe Schapiro