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Sefer Tov Lev ‘al Masekhet Pesahim

Sefer Tov Lev ‘al Masekhet Pesahim, by Michoel Zylberman. Ḳeren Mikha’el Sharf le-hotsaʼat sefarim she-ʻal yad Yeshivat Rabenu Yitsḥaḳ Elḥanan, 2011.

Rabbi Michoel Zylberman's first published book contains two works. The first work, Sefer Tov Lev, is a collection of essays covering different topics in Masekhet Pesahim. In the second work, Kuntres Dat Yehudit, R. Zylberman, who is Assistant Director of the Beth Din of America, includes several essays relating to the laws of conversion and divorce. Each essay displays clear, precise erudition, with an eye toward the practical halakhah.

Posted by Moshe Schapiro.