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New books from our faculty

Mitokh Ha-Ohel: Essays on the Weekly Parashah from the Rabbis and Professors of Yeshiva University. The Michael Scharf Publication Trust of Yeshiva University Press; Maggid Books, 2010.

Mitokh Ha-Ohel is not just another book of divre Torah on the weekly parashah. It is a unique offering of Yeshiva University. A paradigm of Torah u-Madda, the articles span the expertise of their authors: halakhah, homiletics, Ancient Near Eastern history, philosophy etc. And it is truly an ohel, an inclusive tent featuring many articles by accomplished scholars, both male and female. Notably, and this is a very unique and special feature of the Yeshiva University community, among the contributors are two married couples, each spouse writing one article. All the articles are insightful, informative and inspirational, and the editors Rabbi Daniel Feldman and Mr. Stuart Halpern deserve much praise for making this new volume available.

Posted by Moshe Schapiro.