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New books from our faculty

Neo-Babylonian Court Procedure, by Shalom E. Holtz. Brill, 2009.

In his new book, Neo-Babylonian Court Procedure, Professor Shalom Holtz has transformed his doctoral dissertation into a sophisticated monograph on the subject of legal procedure in one of the regions of ancient Mesopotamia. The book begins by presenting a comprehensive classification of the text-types that made up the "tablet trail" of records of the adjudication of legal disputes in the Neo-Babylonian period. In presenting this text-typology, it considers the texts' legal function within the adjudicatory process. Based on this, the book describes the adjudicatory process as it is attested in private records as well as in records from the Eanna at Uruk. This book will be an important addition to the scholarship of Ancient Near Eastern studies.


Revealed Texts, Hidden Meanings : Finding the Religious Significance in Tanakh, by Hayyim J. Angel. Ktav, 2009.

Revealed Texts, Hidden Meanings is a collection of essays dealing with different personalities in the Bible, literary techniques of the prophets and questions of methodology in biblical interpretation. Each essay is a self-contained unit, but read together, they present a wide-ranging and deeply penetrating analysis of biblical exegesis and the theological lessons that can be derived from the text. Both in content and form these essays are fascinating and thought-provoking.

Posted by Moshe Schapiro.