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Developer of Emergency Medicine Simulation Labs Joins PA Faculty

Tom Balga

Tom Balga, an adjunct professor in Yale University’s PA program, has joined the faculty of the Katz School’s Physician Assistant Studies program. A physician assistant for 22 years, Balga is an experienced clinician in emergency medicine, pediatrics, sports medicine and surgery, as well as in developing and implementing simulation laboratories for emergency medicine clinicians. In addition, he has worked in quality improvement and quality assurance in hospital settings.

This summer, Balga's chapter, “Abuse: Child, Domestic, Elder, Sexual Assault,” was published by Springer in the textbook Clinical Medicine for Physician Assistants. He also was a contributing author last summer to the Academic Emergency Medicine Journal with the article “Consultation for Injuries Potentially Due to Child Abuse in Community Emergency Departments.”

Balga has been a member of the PA program advisory committee since 2019, and will teach three courses on Pediatrics; Diagnostic Methods; and Professionalism, Policy and Practice.

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