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Catalog of University Authors 2021

From Paul Glassman Director, Scholarly and Cultural Resources The Office of the Provost and Yeshiva University Libraries are pleased to announce publication of the Catalog of University Authors 2021. This catalog recognizes scholarly and creative work at Yeshiva University from March 2020 through February 2021. Seventy individuals—both faculty and staff members—submitted bibliographic and descriptive data about their books and book chapters, journal articles, poetry, blog entries, documentary films, music scores, live performances and visual art. The entries appear in alphabetical order by the surname of the contributor. Entries are classified by format (book, book chapter, editor, journal article, blog, performance). Within classifications, entries file in chronological order. An illustration of one key work, whether a book jacket, journal cover or an image of the visual art itself, accompanies each contributor’s submission. The works listed in the Catalog represent the lively discussions and creative vitality among Yeshiva University’s faculty and staff members. The bibliographic entries in this catalog serve as evidence of their accomplishments. The catalog can be seen online as a flipbook; it can also be downloaded as a PDF.


  • Nicole Buehler, Reference Librarian

Editors and Proofreaders

  • Stephanie Gross, Electronic Reserves and Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Rebecca Malamud, Head of Metadata Services and Processing
  • Ella Ruderman, Catalog Librarian
  • Marlene Schiffman, Judaica Cataloger
  • Avrom Shuchatowitz, Judaica Cataloger


Elchanan A. Adler Daniel Beliavsky David Berger Shulamith Z. Berger Ari Bergmann Michael Bettencourt J. David Bleich Marcelo Broitman Rick Brown Nicole R. Buehler Chaya Sarah Cantor Shalom Carmy Lisa Chalik Wenxiong Chen Mordechai Z. Cohen Jennifer Cooper Ran Drori Mark Edelman Catherine F. Eubanks Jonathan Feldman Steven Fine Hanni Flaherty Jeffrey Freedman Bruno Galantucci David Glaser Paul Glassman Stephen Glicksman Eric A. Goldman Al Golzari Peter Goodrich Stephanie L. Gross Jeffrey S. Gurock Stuart Halpern Tadashi Hashimoto Miriam Hirsch Edward Hoffman Shalom Holtz Rebecca Ingber Ephraim Kanarfogel Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum Aaron Koller Kathryn S. Krase Joy Ladin Shannon R. Lane Hindishe Lee Michelle J. Levine Katina Manko Rachel Mesch Rona Novick William Oettinger Travis Tae Oh Seamus O’Malley Deborah Pearlstein Daniel Pollack Nechama Price Tracy Prout David Puretz S. Abraham Ravid Alexander Reinert Daniel Rynhold Eliezer Schnall David Shatz Linda M. Shires Edward Stein Gary L. Stein Josefa Steinhauer Margarita Vigodner Joshua Waxman Tina Weiss Fredy Zypman