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Biotechnology and Undergraduate Programs Establish Joint Degree

The Katz School of Science and Health has established a joint B.A./M.S. degree with Yeshiva College and the Stern College for Women that allows students to work toward a biotechnology master’s degree while completing their undergraduate studies.

Students in their senior year can earn nine graduate credits toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, and can complete the biotech master’s degree in one year rather than the customary two. The program saves students $10,000, or what it would cost to take three graduate courses. In addition, students are eligible for additional scholarships at the Katz School.

"Biotechnology is the only field of study that impacts every aspect of human life, from health, to food, to the environment," said Dr. Rana Khan, director of the Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship program. "For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical need for the brightest minds to enter this field in search of therapies that will assist in the care and recovery of those affected by the disease."

Graduates of the program are prepared to become policy analysts, business development associates, regulatory specialists and project managers—all of them, said Dr. Kahn, "who will make the world smarter, safer and healthier."

The Katz School’s Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship program teaches students how to commercialize biotechnology products and services through specialized coursework and a multitude of hands-on experiences, including research projects with Israeli and other biotech companies.

"Biotechnology is a fast-growing, high-paying job market," said Dr. Khan, "and in these uncertain economic times, a master’s degree will get you a step closer to realizing a secure and satisfying career."

To learn more, forward your inquiries to the Yeshiva University's Graduate Enrollment Management Office at