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Dr. Marnin Young Publishes Three Articles

Dr. Marnin Young Dr. Marnin Young

Dr. Marnin Young, associate professor and chair of art history at Stern College for Women, has appeared recently in three publications.

In “Impressionism and Imperialism in Maurice Cullen’s African River,” published in RACAR (Spring 2021), Dr. Young explores the history and meaning of Canadian Impressionism through An African River, painted by Maurice Cullen in 1893. “In its mixture of French Impressionist technique and French imperialist iconography, this ‘Canadian’ painting stands as a test case for the assumed synthesis of local and international in World Impressionism. The picture grapples with these wider spatial contradictions, this essay will argue, through a combination of two distinct, if interlocking, ways of conceptualizing space itself.”

Dr. Young also contributed “Impressionism and Criticism” to A Companion to Impressionism (ed. André Dombrowski). By presenting an expansive view of the study of Impressionism, “this pioneering volume breaks new thematic ground while also reconsidering questions concerning the defini­tion, chronology, and membership of the impressionist movement. In 34 original essays from established and emerging scholars, this collection offers a diverse range of developing topics and new critical approaches to the interpretation of impressionist art.”

Finally, “Van Gogh’s Realism” in Through Vincent’s Eyes: Van Gogh and His Sources (ed. Eik Kahng) is part of a collection of work that provides “a revelatory resituation of Van Gogh’s familiar works in the company of the surprising variety of nineteenth-century art and literature he most revered.”