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Dr. Hanni Flaherty Publishes on Group Learning Principles

Hanni Flaherty , Assistant Professor, Wurzweiler School of Social WorkDr. Hanni Flaherty, clinical assistant professor in the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, published “Using Collaborative Group Learning Principles to Foster Community in Online Classrooms” in Journal of Teaching in Social Work (Jan. 25, 2022). Because “online collaborations are dramatically increasing with the use of technology, we must prepare our students to be successful in these collaborations and to become productive participants in these online communities. We can do this by modeling the desired behaviors in the online classroom.”

Here is the abstract:

This article focuses on group work principles to emphasize the importance of collaboration and community as an effective pedagogical approach to teaching in online higher education. Online communities can serve as support groups by bringing together people going through the shared experience of higher education and providing the opportunity for students to share their experiences, feelings, and coping strategies to increase their capacity to learn. In addition to faculty and course material, online communities play an essential role in knowledge attainment. The importance of online communities for knowledge attainment and support groups will be discussed, group work theories will be reviewed, as well as the implications for practice. A case example from experience teaching a graduate level group work course online will be shared.