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Dr. Travis Tae Oh and Dr. Tamar Avnet on Psychology Today

Two YU professors at the Sy Syms School of Business now have current writing gigs with Psychology Today: Dr. Tamar Avnet (professor of marketing and chair of the marketing department) and ​Dr. Travis Tae Oh (assistant professor of marketing).

Tamar Avnet Dr. Tamar Avnet

Dr. Avnet’s business expertise and consulting activities are in the areas of marketing strategy and management, branding strategy, consumer psychology, and the psychology of decision making.

Her current research is within consumer behavior and more specifically in human judgment and behavioral decision.

On the site, she has written Living in a Chaotic World: Mask-Wearing and Vaccination, Would Eliminating Time Limits Reduce Test Anxiety?, “I Can’t. I'm on a Diet” and Why Keeping Time Might Prevent You From Being Happy.

Dr. Travis Tae Oh Dr. Travis Tae Oh

Dr. Oh completed his Ph.D. in marketing at Columbia University, writing his dissertation on the consumer psychology of fun, which has continued to be a main focus of his research, which “primarily examines the underlying psychological processes and meanings of consumption experiences, with a focus on conceptualizing and investigating fun in people's lives. ​Broadly, I'm interested in clarifying discrete psychological concepts related to consumer fun and how those constructs impact subsequent consumer judgment and behavior.”

He has written Why Is It So Fun to Watch the Olympics? and What Is the Underlying Psychology of Having Fun?