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Dr. Travis Oh on the Psychology of Fun

Dr. Travis OhDr. Travis Tae Oh, assistant professor of marketing at Sy Syms School of Business, published in Psychology Today (June 29, 2021) the results and analysis of a study he did on what it will take to bring back fun in the post-pandemic era.

In answer to the research question, “What is it about the nature of fun that makes it so difficult to have during these times?”, Dr. Oh, citing all the study and writing he has done on the subject of fun, has determined that “the intensity of the fun experience rests on two psychological pillars of hedonic engagement and a sense of liberation. Having fun, in fact, is an experience of liberating engagement.”

He concludes that “as we take off our masks and greet our friends and family with a hug this summer and beyond (fingers crossed!), finding fun will heavily depend on whether we can feel carefree and unrestricted again, while engaged in various pleasurable activities.”