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Dr. Margarita Vigodner Publishes on Infertility

Margarita VigodnerDr. Margarita Vigodner, associate professor of biology at Stern College for Women, recently published a paper to the Asian Journal Of Andrology, “Identification of sumoylated targets in proliferating mouse spermatogonia and human testicular seminomas.” The publication was co-authored with two students from Stern College, Tamar Schwartz and Rebecca Levy.

Schwartz was very grateful to Dr. Vigodner for the opportunity to work on this publication. “I spent a couple hours a week in Dr. Vigodner’s lab during the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters and got a strong introduction to laboratory skills and learned how to perform many experiments involving different kinds of assays testing the effects of SUMOylation in sertoli cells,” she explained. “Both the wet lab skills and the background knowledge that I gained throughout my time spent were foundational in my introduction to science research and valuable in helping me land a great position as a student researcher over the summer. I hope that my experiences in Dr. Vigodner’s lab will guide me toward a future in the medical field.”

Levy was equally enthusiastic about her experiences working with Dr. Vigodner. “Working in Dr. Vigodner’s lab was my first real lab experience, and I wouldn't switch it for anything,” she enthused. “It was incredible to be part of such vital research that will contribute significantly to the study of male infertility. It is extremely rewarding and fulfilling to have participated in the research and ultimately see the published result.”