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Dr. Jess Olson Gives Readers a Quick Immersion Into Judaism

Dr. Jess Olson, an associate professor of Jewish history at Yeshiva College, has published a book for Ediciones Tibidabo / Tibidabo Publications titled Jewish Culture: A Quick Immersion, one of a series of “quick immersions” that “uses accurate and straightforward language to offer a good introduction, or deeper knowledge, on diverse issues, as well-structured texts by prestigious authors delve into the worlds of political and social sciences, philosophy, science and the humanities.”

It is on Amazon and Tibidabo in English and will then be translated into Spanish for the Spanish-speaking market since Tibidabo Publishers is an academic press in Spain.

The press approached him after being referred by Dr. Steven Zipperstein, professor of Jewish Studies at Stanford University and Dr. Olson’s doctoral adviser. “It seemed like a terrific opportunity,” said Dr. Olson. “The book is a large-scale overview of Jewish history and culture, thinking about Jewish identity in three dimensions: religion, family/community, and nation. It is targeted towards a sophisticated lay audience, folks who are curious but know little about the topic.”

The book has already garnered positive notices. Dr. Zipperstein, who had recommended Dr. Olson for the project, counts the book “among the most lucid, authoritative accounts of Jewish culture in the English language. A work of impressive breadth, great intelligence and clarity.”

Dr. Michah Gottlieb, associate professor of Jewish thought and philosophy at New York University, declares Dr. Olson “has that written a clear, well-conceived, deeply informed, highly engaging introduction to Judaism,” while Dr. Steven Fine, Churgin Professor of Jewish History and director of the Center for Israel Studies at Yeshiva University, calls the book “a delightful entry point to all things Jewish.”