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Fine Reviews, is Reviewed and Speaks

Dr. Steven FineDr. Steve Fine, Churgin Professor of Jewish History and director of the Center for Israel Studies, reviewed Dr. Karen Stern’s Writing on the Wall: Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2018) for Reading Religion (a publication of the American Academy of Religion).

In turn, Dr. Fine’s The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern Israel (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2016) was reviewed by Dr. Benjamin D. Gordon of the University of Pittsburgh for RBL (published by the Society of Biblical Literature).

Dr. Fine also spoke at a METSpeaks symposium sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “The World Between Empires, Art and Identity in the Ancient Middle East,” on the topic of “Herod’s Temple Between Empires: From Jerusalem to Dura-Europos.”