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Prout Produces a Webinar, Papers and Interviews

Dr. Tracy ProutDr. Tracy Prout, assistant professor of psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, has been busy.

Dr. Prout recorded several interviews with The Austen Riggs Center, a therapeutic community which promotes resilience and self-direction in those with complex psychiatric problems. She spoke about her path to teaching and research, the compelling nature of psychodynamic psychotherapy, her teaching experience, how she became interested in working with children and her impression of Austen Riggs.

New Webinar
Kurtz Psychology Consulting PC serves the needs of children and families facing emotional, behavioral and other psychological challenges. Dr. Prout developed a webinar on the treatment she helped develop for children with externalizing behaviors, called “Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children.”

Resilience, Defense Mechanisms, and Implicit Emotion Regulation in Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy” in the Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy was co-authored by with three colleagues, one of which is Anthea Malone, a third-year Ferkauf student.

“Why Is It Easier to Get Mad Than It Is to Feel Sad? Pilot Study of Regulation-Focused Psychotherapy for Children” in the American Journal of Psychotherapy was co-authored with six Ferkauf students and graduates and reports results of a pilot study of three participants receiving regulation-focused psychotherapy for children.