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Schwabe Gives a Shout-Out to Catholic Nuns

Portrait of Liesl Schwabe, lecturer in English, who has been awarded a Fulbright to teach English writing courses in India.Liesl Schwabe, lecturer in English at Yeshiva College, published a piece in the New York Times Sunday Magazine of Feb. 6, 2019, titled “Everything I Know About Feminism I Learned From Nuns.”

In the piece, she spoke about how important it was to her personal development to be “surrounded by educated women who were not wives or mothers, who did not wear makeup, and who lived in group housing and shared a car.”

From these women, she not only “learned of the necessity—and the possibilities—of self-sufficiency and cooperation,” but they also “taught us generosity and introspection as directly as fractions and cursive. My education, in other words, was never only about me, but also about the world I was poised to inherit. . . .Equality was modeled for us. We were shown what we did not yet know was a completely different way to live.”