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Roldan Discusses Current Research

Dr. Pablo RoldanDr. Pablo Roldan-Gonzalez, assistant professor in the department of mathematical sciences, spoke at the Colloquium at the Applied Math Department at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City.

Dr. Roldan’s talk explained research he is doing at Yeshiva University on the cryptocurrencies market in collaboration with Dr. Marian Gidea, professor of mathematics, Dr. Yuri Katz, a director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Jacob Krinsky, a doctoral student in math.

He is also currently conducting other research at ITAM, where he had been a tenure-track assistant professor, with Dr. Ernesto Perez-Chavela, a world-class expert in celestial mechanics. Together they are studying the so-called "curved N-body problem,” which consists of studying the motion of N point-size particles subject to their mutual gravitational influence. “The problem,” said Dr. Roldan, “is modeled using Newton's laws of gravitation. Despite being a classical problem, many questions still remain unsolved, and it is considered a source of beauty and inspiration for mathematicians. Lately, it has even made it to popular science fiction, in the book The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.”

Last September, Dr. Roldan, along with Dr. Marian Gidea and Dr. Edward Belbruno, professor of mathematics, received a three-year mathematics research grant of $425,022 from the National Science Foundation.