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Cwilich Part of Panel on Science and Drama

Dr. Gabriel CwilichDr. Gabriel Cwilich, professor of physics and division coordinator of natural and mathematical sciences, was part of “What Makes a Great Play About Science?”, a celebration of the two-decade collaboration between Ensemble Studio Theatre and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, known as EST/Sloan.

Playwrights Cassandra Medley, Lucas Hnath, Charly Evon Simpson and Anna Ziegler joined EST/Sloan’s three veteran scientist/consultants—Gabriel Cwilich, Stuart Firestein and Darcy Kelley—to discuss “what makes a great play about science?”

Dr. Cwilich’s bio for the program stated the following: “Gabriel Cwilich is a condensed-matter-theory/statistical physicist in the Physics Department of Yeshiva University. He works on the physics of disordered media, including at the nanoscale, and has a strong interest in the physics of complexity and computer simulations. He has also explored the connections between the origins of classical physics and the cultural world of the renaissance, and periodically brings American students to Italy to teach them about that. He has been lecturing in the US and in Latin America on the connection between science and theater and has been collaborating and advising several theater groups and foundations in NYC (among them the Ensemble Studio Theatre and the Epic Theater Ensemble) in projects that bring the world and ideas of science to the stage.”