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Felsen Gives a Talk and Leads a Webinar

Dr. Irit FelsenDr. Irit Felsen, adjunct professor at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, presented “Dehumanization In Everyday Life: ‘Neuro-disgust’” on October 11, 2018, at the Integrative Trauma Colloquium: Dehumanization In Everyday Life sponsored by the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.

“In recent years I have become passionate about improving the care of elderly patients,” Dr. Felsen noted. “This presentation focused on dehumanization in the relationships between care-recipients and healthcare providers. Dehumanization is usually thought of in relation to extreme situations, but it also occurs in more mundane situations, when those who appear very different from us can cause ‘neuro-disgust.’ If we who consider ourselves professionals dedicated to the care of others don’t understand the origins of such attitudes and their functions, we will not be able to implement interventions that might counter them.”

Starting October 8, Dr. Felsen began an online free webinar hosted and supported by MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, the largest hospice provider in New York State under Jewish auspices. Titled “Grief and Renewal After the Loss of a Holocaust Survivor,” Dr. Felsen explained that the six-part series “will address how the way children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors often respond to loss differently has shaped our lives, and will help us answer: What happens now? How do you reconcile your loss when you have been focused on your loved ones for so long? How do you carry out the legacy for your loved one?”