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Pollack Has New Articles and a Citation

Daniel PollackDaniel Pollack, professor at Wurzweiler School of Social Work, has co-authored an article with Lori S. Kornblum, a faculty member at Marquette University Law School, titled “Child Abuse: The ‘Unsubstantiated’ Finding.” The article investigates how to help families in cases where a child-abuse allegation is made but there is the lack of any formal finding that the abuse actually happened.

He also co-authored an opinion piece in The Hill with Lisa H. Thurau, CEO and executive director of Strategies for Youth. In “An Avoidable Murder,” they examine the consequences of a lack of training for law enforcement officials regarding how exactly to deal with juveniles. “Adolescents are a breed apart; they perceive, process and respond differently because their brains are going through seismic changes. This is why developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed, and racially equitable training is necessary.”

Pollack was cited in an article about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, noting that “when it comes to helping sexual abuse survivors and their families, social workers should aim to help them handle the fallout from the abuse in ways the survivors find beneficial.”