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Glassman Discusses Library Renovations

Paul GlassmanPaul Glassman, director of Yeshiva University libraries, gave a presentation about “Library Renovation Dos and Don’ts” on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at Design 101, sponsored by WALDO (Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization). The event, a panel discussion on the challenges of space planning in academic libraries today, was held at the Walsh Library on the Rose Hill Campus of Fordham University.

Glassman’s talk focused on the renovation work done over the past several years to the Mendel Gottesman Library. He reviewed the multiple elements that need to be considered in such a project, from making the case for a renovation down to making sure the power outlets are easy for people to reach.

Some of his dos and don'ts included don’t let architects/designers convince you that pearl grey silk is durable, do involve as many stakeholders as possible in the planning process, don’t be shy about critiquing the “experts’” suggestions and do take full advantage of the “before and after” promotional opportunities to build support for the new design.

Other participants came from City University of New York, Farmingdale University, Jewish Theological Seminary, Adelphi University, Hofstra University, Fordham University and Mercy College.