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YU News

Office of Events Team Presents at CollegeNET Conference

Melissa Celik, associate director of university events, and Gretchen Correa, data manager, in the Office of Events were instrumental in the successful transition Yeshiva University recently made from the R25 to 25Live event scheduling system, which has made booking both on-campus and off-campus events more streamlined and efficient. They have been tapped to deliver a presentation about the process at the 2018 CollegeNET User Conference, “Innovation at the Boundaries of Benefit,” from July 8 to 11 in Portland, Oregon.

“Since starting this implementation,” said Celik, “we have been working closely with CollegeNET to make sure 25Live is set up to meet YU’s multicampus needs.” Correa added that “based on our experiences bringing the new system on board, CollegeNET asked us to do a presentation, since many of the challenges we faced and solutions we came up with were also being faced by other institutions.”

Their talk is titled “A Small Office Leads a Big Change: Migration to 25Live, an Events Office Perspective” and will cover the challenges, decisions and surprises they encountered in helping the University, with its multiple campuses, make a successful transition.

Celik found that one of the hardest tasks was creating an up-to-date database of available spaces, often involving visits to the rooms to take pictures, count seats and desks, and assess technological capacity, just to name a few items on her to-do list. Correa, who handled the training, found the staff open to the new system because it gave them better choices and more information to plan their events, helping them be more effective at their jobs.

Their presentation will take place on Monday, July 9.