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Hirsch Publishes Article on How to Improve Teacher-Student Interactions in Jewish Day Schools

Dr. Miriam Hirsch, associate professor of education and co-chair of the department of education at Stern College for Women, published an article in the November 2017 issue of Journal of Jewish Education entitled, “Jewish Day School Wounds and What We Can Do About Them.”

This article is based upon a qualitative research study that examined 95 school stories written by Jewish female teacher candidates in an undergraduate education course. Many candidates wrote inspirational or humorous stories, but over one third of the narratives described painful Jewish day schooling episodes with insensitive teachers, stinging rebukes, or public shaming.

Improving teacher preparation, Hirsch concludes, “is my call to action: Let’s work together to improve teacher preparation and professionalization in Jewish education. Teaching is part of our mesorah, our legacy that continues the transmission of our heritage and purpose from teacher to student, from Moshe to Yehoshua, from Yehoshua to the elders, from the elders to the prophets, and from the prophets to the Anshei Knesset HaGedolah, and on down through the generations; that is what we do and why we do it, and yes, I believe, we can do it better.”