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Cuellar and Auerbach Lead Statistical Seminars

Cuellar_Matthew_200 Dr. Matthew Cuellar

Dr. Matthew Cuellar, assistant professor at Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and Dr. Charles Auerbach, also a professor at Wurzweiler, will co-teach two seminars on statistical analysis using the R statistical programming language. The hour-long seminars will be held on November 30 and December 7 in Belfer Hall 821 for faculty, staff and students at Yeshiva University.

Dr. Charles Auerbach Dr. Charles Auerbach

R is freeware available through the Comprehensive R Archive Network and maintained by a group of international statisticians. The software allows researchers to have access to powerful features usually available only through purchasing software as a service or mastering a programming language like Python.

The seminars will begin with how to acquire the program and related packages, such as a free graphical user interface, RStudio. Cuellar and Auerbach will then demonstrate how to import data from a variety of sources and how to do basic statistical analyses based on commonly used statistical procedures submitted by participants.

Dr. Edward Berliner, director of science management and clinical professor of physics, who helped organize the event, noted that a mini-course could be offered next year if the two seminars generate sufficient interest in learning more about the program.