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YU News

Belbruno's Art Featured in Exhibition

Artwork by Dr. Edward Belbruno, clinical professor of mathematics, will be featured in an exhibition at Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, titled Metamorphosis, until December 2, 2017.

According to the exhibition catalog, "The abstract expressionist paintings of Ed Belbruno reflect both inner and outer realities. Belbruno draws inspiration from his subconscious and his personal life, but is also deeply influenced by his research in math, science, and astrophysics. A former NASA scientist with a doctorate in mathematics, Belbruno’s art plays with concepts of time and dimension, microwave radiation from the ‘Big Bang,’ alien landscapes, and night skies. Likewise, his painting sparks ideas for scientific discoveries and mathematical formulas.

“Belbruno sees art and science as working in concert, balancing out the intuition, creativity, and logic needed for both of his passions. Approaching his work with a spirit of “chaotic discovery,” he constantly experiments with new styles and explores in different directions. Regardless of the medium or approach, Belbruno’s paintings search for beauty in the universe, harmony in the cosmos, and his own feelings in the here and now.”