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Pollack Publishes Three Articles

Daniel PollackDaniel Pollack, professor at Wurzweiler School of Social Work, published three articles recently.

“Cross-gender supervision of children in residential group homes” appeared in the New York Law Journal. He and his co-author Julia Sands discussed the balance between steering clear of discrimination while hiring and/or assigning work shifts, and ensuring that children in group homes remain safe and comfortable.

Two other pieces appeared in Policy & Practice, the journal of The American Public Human Services Association. “For mandated reporters, concern is not the same as suspicion” examined the judgments calls required to distinguish between “suspicions of” and “concerns about” child abuse so that a fair balance can be struck between protecting children and permitting mandatory reporters to use their discretion and best judgment given the inherent challenges.

In “Legal benefits of mobile digital documentation for human services agencies,” Pollack noted that “the convergence of cloud technology and social media have spurred innovations in computer documentation today that have the potential to renew and reshape human services tomorrow.”