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Sweifach Publishes Article on Social Work Supervision

Jeffrey SweifachDr. Jay Sweifach, associate professor as Wurzweiler School of Social Work, published “A look behind the curtain at social work supervision in interprofessional practice settings: critical themes and pressing practical challenges” in the July 27, 2017, online issue of the European Journal of Social Work.

This article presents findings from a national study of social workers employed in interprofessional organizations, such as hospitals or schools, to study the quality and effectiveness of the supervision they received.

After analyzing the study’s results and reviewing the literature on social work supervision, Sweifach observed that “the latest results mirror a trend noted in the general literature identifying the state of social work supervision as abysmal” in interprofessional and interdisciplinary work situations.

He concluded that “it is conceivable that if [this situation is] not remediated, the state of social work supervision will continue to worsen, eventually impairing the ability to maintain the professional standards that have long characterized the profession.”