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Aisenbrey Publishes Peer-Reviewed Articles

Aisenberry_Silke_520Dr. Silke Aisenbrey, associate professor of sociology and chair of the department, recently published three peer-reviewed articles.

In 2017, she and Dr. Anette Fasang of the Berlin Social Science Center co-authored “The Interaction of Employment- and Family-Trajectories: Germany and the United States in Comparison” in the American Journal of Sociology (Vol. 122, no. 5).

In 2016, Aisenbery worked with Dr. Daniela Grunow of the University of Amsterdam on two articles. The first was titled “Mothers - the new hidden reserve? Germany and the U.S., a Comparison,” in Advances in Life Course Research (29: 5-15). The next work included a third author, Dr. Marie Evertsson of Stockholm University, and was titled “Work Interruptions and Young Women’s Career Prospects in Western Germany, Sweden and the US” in Work, Employment and Society (30: 291-308).

Aisenbrey and Fasang were also guest editors in 2016 for the “Recent Trends in Comparative Life Course Research,”a special issue in Advances in Life Course Research (September 29, 2016).